Market Cannabis Online

How-To Get Customers To Come Into Your Dispensary. 

Nowadays when someone starts a new business their first thought is “how am I going to market my business online?” With the cannabis industry this is extremely important but it is just as important to think about the topic of how to market cannabis online and offline.

If your online business has a brick-and-mortar location then you know how crucial good signage is. Signage is about a lot more than a pretty sign. It is a way to attract local foot traffic into your store.

We all know how important focusing on LOCAL is. Due to cannabis regulations, a lot of existing businesses are confined to vey small geographical areas. For example, in California if you are in a certain area of the city, you can only serve the people of that specific geographical area. Another example is that if you are a dispensary in Colorado, you can only sell within state lines and you cannot deliver.

Here is a hint and strategy on how to best market cannabis online. This is something that a lot of entrepreneurs will cheap-out on in order to save a couple bucks.


A powerful brand identity and brand narrative will stick. It’s the reason why people will remember who you are. Would you rather be Joe’s Cannabis that sells cannabis by a person names Joe or would you rather be Joe’s Cannabis that sells cannabis by a person named Joe who has been perfecting the art of growing an extraction for the past 20 years? To further elaborate on the later example, Joe has mastered the growing, curing, and flushing of organic Pink Kush and its phenotypes so that is why his online and retail dispensary only contains products related to the Pink Kush strain.

See how the later example is a lot stickier. It will make people remember Joe.