Mistakes to Avoid with Your Cannabis Company

Simply put, you cannot afford to make costly mistakes with your cannabis company because it could cost you your business!

Here are some possible mistakes that we have witnessed ourselves that you should definitely avoid:

  1. Using slang language when talking about your marijuana products
  2. Lying to your members about shipping and processing times
  3. Using fake photography for your flower displays
  4. Don’t be frugal with spending on marketing tactics that do work in our industry – considering we cannot use traditional avenues, take advantage of the avenues you CAN use
  5. Never disagree with a customer. When it comes to Cannabis, word-of-mouth marketing will be your biggest hero
  6. Invest in a Live Chat plugin. Buying cannabis online can be a new experience for a ton of people so being the guiding and reassuring voice to your customers can be the differentiator between an amazing experience and a bad experience
  7. Don’t settle with complacency – with such a young market it will take a few years before we start to see the effects of brand loyalty kick in. Make sure you are always impressing your member base with new products and new features.

When marketing cannabis, make sure you are focusing on your audience’s specific needs. Make sure you stay up to date on the latest strains, product trends, and regulations. How to market cannabis online is a topic that is at the forefront of the marijuana industry, maybe even more so than the actual legalization of the flower. Why? Well, because most of the industry people strongly believe that legalization is inevitable so the next thing to plan is how to market and sell you product.

The first obstacle to overcome when marketing your cannabis online is the stereotype attached to the flower. Marijuana smokers tend to be looked upon as stoners, potheads, and lazy hippies… right? That is the out-dated “stoner” stigma and it is our duty and responsibility, us industry leaders, to turn that around.

In order to be accepted by mainstream society, our beloved cannabis industry needs to shed those negative associations because after all, the cannabis plant is a healing plant and not an intoxicant. This can be achieved by marketing your business and your product with a professional manner – this means getting rid of slang like smoking up, toking up, getting blitzed, wacky tobaccy, sticky icky, etc.